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During filming Angelina takes a peek through the lens

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Yup, we did it again! Shamelessly we plug our new life to bring customers to Le Petit Platane our Bed & Breakfast, but more so, we want people to know we are not crazy for moving to Capestang, France. The verdict is still out on that one!



House Hunters , Where Are They Now? airs January. Our second experience with reality TV was just as fabulous as the first, except this time we showed North America our progress on the house renovations, how we make a living and lastly how we assimilate to our new European lifestyle. Life is long, and who knows what’s next…


During filming Angelina takes a peek through the lens
During filming Angelina takes a peek through the lens


My baby girl turned 8, started arrhythmic gymnastics and helps me with the English Second Language class. Her favourite things to do are still changing her clothes and doing her hair and makeup.

Her grades are good, and she is one popular little girl .

Angelina also starred in a music video for a friend’s band, shows promise in front of the camera and keeps us laughing.

turning 40
turning 40






I turned 40 and to commemorate the end of my youth, I made a ‘Forty before Forty’ list. Nearly completed, I had a major set back and ended up in hospital having a hysterectomy after my doctor found benign tumours. I am recovering nicely and plan to finish my list with a trip to Paris France and Venice Italy early next year. A few highlights of the year were; visiting my step-sister in Scotland, going to Milan Italy with mom, and singing solo in Bohemian Rhapsody with the choir. I continue writing for the BBB Midi and hope to publish my book this year.

Live Your Best Life

Roller Coaster action
Roller Coaster action

Hamori Vacations

This year we went to: Barcelona, Tarragona, Montserrat, Port Aventura, Eyne, as well as a vast number of local getaways.




• Skiing the Pyrenees

• River rafting on the Orb

• Cycling the Canal du Midi

Alfonz is Andorra Alfonz

Alfonz had a chance to ride his BMW for most of the year as the weather held throughout early spring and late fall. His highlight was riding to Andorra and back through Spain on switch back roads twisting through the Pyrenees Mountains.


Daniel goes solo to Bakonysarkany Hungary
Daniel goes solo to Bakonysarkany Hungary




My fabulous boy turned 10, managed to celebrate with friends at laser tag, and got to ride the fastest, tallest roller coaster in all of Europe.

In his last year of elementary school he vastly improves his French as he prepares for junior high. He also started gymnastics, BMX racing and learns guitar with his uber cool teacher from the band Goulamas’k- Flo.

Family Feature – Solo Daniel

Daniel visits Bakonysarkany, Hungary alone on his first solo flight! He makes us very proud.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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