The Abbey – Château de Cassan

Herault's Cassan Abbey
Herault's Cassan Abbey
Herault’s Cassan Abbey

It is remarkable to a person from a country that is only 146 years old, that structures in France still stand since the Middle Ages.

Located in Roujan, Herault, the original castle was constructed during the 11th century, however the current building and structures are mostly from the 18th century, when the Prince de Conti bought it and offered it to his mistress, Madame de Brimont.

In the 14th century the abbey was hit hard by the Black Plague, pillaged during the wars of the religions during the 1500’s, and by the late 16th century is was down to only a few monks. Then in the 18th century it was rebuilt, and eventually sold.

Not sure why it does not get old; walking around old castles, churches and cathedrals, but I imagine we all romanticize what it must be like to live among them. The hand carved stones, the meandering garden paths and the history if these stone walls could talk. What would it feel like to have servants waiting on your every need, helping you dress, combing your hair, cleaning your clothes and serving your food.

Of course, I imagine the clothes made from lustrous fabrics shipped in from around the world and custom made for me. I would stroll around the house between the garden and the abbey, circling, memorizing every rock and flower.

Of course, the Chateau Abbaye de Cassan has an interesting history, and my mind wonders to Madame de Brimont. I wonder if their love was reciprocal, or was she kept simply for his pleasure. What would it be like to snatch the heart of a wealthy prince and have him steal you away? Is it that far from a common love story? Nope, just more money.




herb room



Exit to the gardens

Castle Gardens

Back view of Castle



castle diing room


castle living room



castle20castle21 castle fig tree castle23 castle

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