Forrest Gump Life Story

Life is like a box of chocolates

“My mama always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.’”-Forrest

We all have a little Forrest Gump inside ourselves. I know what you are thinking; a little slow, and not so smart, right. What I mean is an eternal child within; the pure and magical part of us that sees things with wonderment, and who isn’t bogged down with judgment, negatively and bad experiences. The part of you that remains open, in particularly, open to new experiences.

When a great opportunity comes along, sometimes we block it out by thinking, oh gosh this could never happen to me. However, instead of thinking about the million reasons you don’t deserve a chance for something amazing to happen to you, think, ‘Why not me?’ We all have the right to be happy.  If this is your chance, it is your responsibility to take it.

Some of us repeat negative thought patterns: I am not smart enough to take that opportunity, I know so many people more qualified than myself, or what will others think? By changing your immediate response patterns to affirmative ones, your life can change.

In the movie, Forrest Gump, he stumbled into famous photos, and comically became part of historic events. How clever! The message I got from that was that all the events of the world are happening to us simultaneously and not just to the celebrities, politicians and TV personalities.

Life is happening even to the simplest among us and we affect the person next to us, and they affect the person next to them and so on. They say six degrees of separation I say in this day and age with computers and the Internet, less. Seize the day, enjoy your life and stop waiting for something to happen to you. It already is.

Are your thoughts preventing you from getting to your destination?

Wading through my life, exploring with wanderlust, I naturally stumble across interesting things. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, I am open, ready and waiting to see where it takes me. Paths naturally open before me, never forced. I believe the cosmos have a plan, and my thoughts and dreams guide them. Whatever I wish for comes true, not because I am lucky, just simply because I am ready.

Like the opportunity and idea to come to France, buying an apartment in Hungary, or to renovate a home in Capestang; all opportunities seized. Even my work and now volunteering in politics, these opportunities presented themselves to me and I leaped at the chance. Not everything works out as I plan; more often than not, they work out better! Rarely do I get disappointed, since even a bad experience has a lesson to learn and brings you to the next experience. 

Such is life and so it goes. It can be messy, unorganized, cruel and evil yet at the same time; clear, organized, loving and good. The beauty of your tapestry truly depends on you and what you attract. We are weaved together in this life. Imagine the most beautiful life and start weaving.

If I am anything, it is an example of an ordinary person doing extraordinary things, simply because I believe why not me? We are on this planet for roughly the same amount of time, learning and gathering experience as we go, and have the same abilities to apply that knowledge to our lives. So why me? For the same reason that you deserve just as much happiness as the next guy, exactly like me.

Dream, believe and pursue your happiness and you will never go wrong.

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