Eighteen months after we moved into our home, the House Hunters TV show contact us again, asking if we want to do a, ‘Where are they now?’- show.
Here is our casting video.

Alfonz & Eva
Alfonz & Eva


  1. Hello Bored,
    Accents are different all over the world. To think my husband deserves better might be true, but let us hope it is not something as trivial as how I say pool on Reality TV, especially when we have no control over how they edit our tapings.
    Still living happily and nope still no pool.

  2. Did you get your POOOOO-WHHAAAALLLL? hahahahaha!!! It’s a POOL. Learn to say pool, school, spool, ya fool. How does your husband put up with you being so pushy?? He deserves better.


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