All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them. -Walt Disney

Keeping a balanced state of mind and mood could not be more important in this challenging world. Where do I get my inspiration and manage to stay positive when things do not go our way? Here is my list…

#1 Celebrate

We celebrate each step forward, and we tick the item off our list √ (option v on the MAC is a helpful bottom.) In my head it is a little way to celebrate the conquered, the trial and the most importantly the completion of a task. These little inches forward keep us motivated. When a project seems too big to deal with, small bites are the only way forward.

Our family celebrates other’s ‘pursuit of happiness’ as well. As people around us find success, we encourage them along their own journey and celebrate with them. When we stumble or fall, we pick each other up and continue. Celebrating them when they succeed is just as important as our own happiness, renewing our faith in our own ability to progress seeing those positive examples. There is no room for envy or jealous when keeping a positive outlook.

#2 Keep Friends Close

Back home, we have friends and family that have known us for a long time. We keep them close to our hearts and cherish their connections and opinions as we make our way towards the life we desire. Having their support helps in our success and these relationships are a safe place to share our trials without harsh judgments. I know they will always be honest with me. And as we make new connections on our adventures, I know our value making good friends, and we find people who share our optimist viewpoint of the world. By keeping these connections close keeps us strong and above all positive.

#3 Ignore Negativity

Proves hard as there always seems to be a group of people to laugh at your failures, to point out your faults, ready to say I told you so. They are the same people that do not add to the solutions but are very good at pointing out mistakes, the incorrect note, or the error in your ways after the fact. The ones letting you leave the spinach in your teeth for the entire day. You know the ones…

Hindsight is always 20/20.  It is much harder to foresee problems, add to the solution and keep positive; while leaving everyone’s confidence and spirit intact. This is the trick we all need to learn and some never do.

Those curmudgeons, who try to feel better about their own life by putting yours down, my advice is to ignore them.

Instead, surround yourselves with shiny happy people.

#4 Keep Your Eye on the Prize

When times get hard, you need to stay focused on your goal. People will say you are going against the norm, while others will say that your idea will never work or that you are crazy. Do not let anyone or anything sway you from your path to your own personal happiness. Hopefully, everyone gets to a point when they realize that happiness can be achieved different for each of us.

The most negative people are the most afraid to step out of their own comfort zone into uncomfortable change and just the thought of what you are doing leaves them shaking in their boots. Stick to the plan and try different ways to obtain your objective. In other words, keep your eye on the prize.

#5 Visualize Your Success

Ok, we have all read the Secret, The Power of Believing, The Power of Positive Thinking, and if not you get the general idea just from the titles. If you can see yourself accomplishing the task, making your dream a reality and finding a way from A to B, then the majority of the work is done. The hardest past is ‘believing it is possible’. Give yourself permission to go after what you want. Know you deserve the life or goal of your dreams. Believing is achieving! Our own negative thoughts can paralyze us, becoming our biggest obstacle. By visualizing your success will keep you on track to staying positive.

#6 Sacrifice Now to Reach Success Sooner

It has been nearly two years since we bought more than necessities. By sacrificing those luxury items now, we hope to reach success sooner.

By keeping our spending to a minimal; we have managed to take the importance away from those frivolous purchases. Once we got down to the basics and no more, it was hard to bog ourselves down with extra things again. At the end of the day, things are only things.

Since we discovered garage sales in France, we realized there is endless stuff for under 10€ second hand sitting in people’s homes. There are thousands of bigger items on sale, many new products and of course they have online classified sites like Craigslist back home, one I really like is called Le Bon Coin. These places to shop make it easy to stick to a budget.

Kids Naturally are Positive

#7 Learn From Children

While watching our children succeed, they overcome their own obstacles with joy and enthusiasm. Shouldn’t we do the same? They have so much to teach us, and watching them during their learning process, they keep their ideas fresh, divergent and interesting. To stay young and positive in our thinking, we can learn from their examples.

#8 Listen to Music

Music calms the savage beast. When the wheels start going around and around, and I find myself worrying, I like to defrag with some happy tunes. I can turn off my thoughts and get completely lost in the music, giving my brain some well deserved downtime.

Shiny Happy People -REM

I’m walking on sunshine- Katrina and the waves

I think I love you- Partridge Family

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-Cyndi Lauper

Don’t worry be happy- Bob Marley

Dancing Queen -ABBA

Love Shack -B52’s

Brown Eyed Girl -Van Morrison

I have a dream -ABBA

You’re The One That I Want – Newton John & John Travolta

I feel good -James Brown

#9 Happy Thought Mantra

Whenever you hear yourself think a negative thought about your idea, replace it with something positive. For instance, when we were planning to move to Europe, I found myself saying, Oh my, what if all fails. I replaced the thought with, Thank-you universe for letting us try. Moreover, eventually my mantra changed to: I thank the powers that are for giving us the opportunity.

We are our thoughts. It may seem like Mary Poppins idea to think, and be so happy and positive all the time but when I consider the alternative, and watch negative people spin their webs, I want no part of it. Happy thoughts are my answer!

#10 Surround Yourself With Inspirational People

Do you have a mentor? Do you look up to someone? If you surround yourself with happy successful people? Your chances of being happy and successful increases dramatically by incorporating people into your life that truly inspire you.

No one around? Look online. There is a huge blogging community, full of people doing exactly what you want to be doing. Find them, connect with them and get to know them. I have found support online that in my everyday life would not have allowed me to physically bump into them on the street. The virtual community can bring interesting people closer to you too.


Follow Your Path To Happiness

#11 Be Grateful

By feeling thankful for every experience in your life, will in turn attract others that feel the same way about their life life. I rarely feel jealousy or greed, and remain wide open to new experiences. Life can be hard, however how we deal with life’s trials and tribulations make all the difference in the world. Take a moment to sit still and be grateful for all things you have, the relationships that have been with you through thick and thin, and appreciate the colourful tapestry that is your life.

I know I said 10, but the last one really is a no brainer. By actively pursuing positive things in your life, will help you to stay positive even in harder times.

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  1. Hi Eva – I would like to add “Just know that everything will work out, the Universe has the plan”. Whenever I get sidetracked by Life. I try to remember this. Everything always does have a way of working out, you have to have the Faith to believe this in your heart. I work on this everyday!

  2. I did the real-estate course back in 2000 when it was Mortgage Brokers, Property Management and Real-estate all in one and it is a very good dream to have! Although I never became a realtor, I do use my knowledge buying and selling my own homes, and manage my own rental properties. He can do so much with his education. And there will always be money in flipping homes. In fact we are already looking for another one to renovate.

    Come visit! France is a beautiful, tasty, bright country, with so much to see, taste and do! My mom may come next month for her first visit! Looking forward to that.

    I have my down moments. And of course we second guess but we remember why we are here, and focus on that. Life got very busy over the summer with endless guests, work and new start up businesses, websites, and of course renovations. We feel the fatigue, but like Alfonz reminded me this morning, “But we live in the South of France!” His big infectious smile was so big, I had to join in laughing. It is amazing. I tell myself, ‘Just breathe…’

  3. Eva –Reading this has made my morning. Things can be pretty tough at times –don’t forget –Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in which to live. You, your husband and your children have chosen to try a new and very exciting life experience. It will change the way you think forever! My son finished BCIT in June and is pursuing his dream of becoming a ‘well known’ Real Estate Agent. It’s pretty tough going in such an economy as ours. He has signs all over his office downstairs that inspire him to continue on.
    It’s like you said…sacrifice now to reach success sooner…and of course reaching out to family and friends for support.
    It all about the people in your life and setting priorites. Happiness is the reward.
    I’d love to come and visit France!

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