Canadians First Week, My New Expat Life in Budapest

Live with your English teacher in Hungary
Imagine this crazy lady teaching English to your kids!

My bones feel weary, my throat is sore, my back is hardly moving and I have an earache. I know I am on the verge of becoming sick. But how on Earth can I be surprised…

I cannot go at this pace for as long as I have and think it won’t catch up to me. It always does. Rest is exactly what I need, but not yet. The finish line is far too close, a few more things to line-up, then finally a wee break.

Alfonz left me to sleep one day in the afternoon, these 5:00 am starts and late finishes have taken their toll. We get the kids to school across the big city through rush hour traffic, then Alfonz and I run around getting our life set up in Hungary; bank transfers, bank changes, mobile telephones, finding a good place to shop, we needed to replace a number of things in our apartment after a few years of renting it out short term. IKEA was a big bill; new sofa coverings, new pillows, new kitchen things, new new new shiny things!

He left me sleeping on the couch, but slammed the door when he was leaving, so after a 10 minute cat nap, I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, organized and then sat on the computer writing when he returned. He said, Nice to see you had a good rest. WHAT! I didn’t rest, I just sat down, never mind… lets go, we have more to do before night fall.

It has been endless.

Thursday evening we were out searching for sunglasses for Alfonz. Most people don’t know this but he has hyper sensitive eyes being so very light in colour. He needs polarized high quality glasses to drive but finding a good pair has proven difficult!

Interesting news!

I got a call from the principal from the French private school during the ride home, while Angelina was crying in the back seat, traffic a noisy jam, asking for me to please come in for an interview. He asked if tomorrow or Monday would be better. Tomorrow?! why not! And the interview was in French no less! C’est la vie! If the answer from him is non, no problem, I thought, I will keep trucking forward as we do.

9:00 am was the interview and we left at 11:30 with a contract being drafted for the year for Monday’s orientation and I officially start work on Wednesday!! What? How did that happen? I didn’t even want to get a job, but this was the dream, being a real teacher, so here I go…

When I told the universe that I really wanted to go back to school to become a teacher, I didn’t think the universe would shortcut me to the end game. I thought three years of schooling, learning the ropes and one day I would be a real teacher…. but no, I am really teaching, in a real school, for real money, NOW! EEK… life is amazing! And all you have to do is ask for the things you really want and be open when they arrive in whatever form… just be careful what you wish for!

It reminds me of the joke.

A man is praying for God to save him as his house floods with water. He believed in God with all his might, and he prayed God please save me and he visualized God’s mighty hand lifting him up and saving him from his flooding house. With complete faith that in fact God would save him. When finally a truck drives by and the driver says jump on before the water rises any more, and the man says, No thank-you God will save me. The water rises even farther and he has to climb onto his roof when a boat comes along and the driver says, Come jump on board, I will save you! He says, No, God will save me! The neighbours shook their heads in disbelief and carried on. Then a helicopter comes along as he is holding on to the antenna on his roof barely above water, and the pilot lowers the ladder and says, Come on board we will save you, and the man he says, No God will save me! and he then lets go, waiting for God to save him as he takes his last breath and drowns. Later the man goes to heaven and he asks God, Why didn’t you save me? I love you and believe in you so much I don’t understand! God says, I sent you a pick-up truck, a boat and a helicopter what more do you want?

I guess my point is sometimes the path is right there for us to take that leads us to our dreams. We just need to see the opportunities. Often we are full of negative responses to every path, saying why me, that it is not quite right, or what I expected or maybe it is not the exact right time. My advice is to seize the day! Why not right now? Why not the way it naturally happens? One step leads to the next no matter what you want in life. All you have to do is decide on what it is that you want and stick to it. The universe will do the rest. Preparation + opportunity = LUCK. It is not really luck then is it but a state of openness ready for whatever life throws your way.

Yesterday we saw two beautiful houses on a fish stocked lake and then today we saw three bigger houses on large plots tucked into the Pilis mountains in the Buda hills; giant evergreen trees, paths winding through forests, mountain bike trails, wildlife poking through…

We picked one, a home not quite finished. We can qualify for government grants and a bank loan, and the location is exactly right.

Alfonz’s best friend here in Hungary is a builder and he will be helping us with the finishings… we could be in sooner than expected!

buying a house in Budapest
Looking at Houses

This weekend we are visiting the Zoo in the city park and unpacking the rest of our clothes. We will most likely will be in our apartment a little while longer waiting for the renovations to complete. But we are excited about this purchase, really excited!

Then Monday we are back to the morning routine and my first day of work. Alfonz has an appointment with our new bankers. Wish us luck! I have already mentally decorated the entire house in my head!

My Expat Life Budapest has already been everything I had imagined it to be and we are only a week in…no regrets is our motto! We will see where this expat life leads us in Hungary.

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