Summer Solstice Music Festival

Canal Du Midi
Canal Du Midi

In honour of the longest day of the year musicians take to the streets to celebrate and entertain the public for free.

There were stages being assembled by crews around Beziers. One was near the church, another along their main street’s walking strip and another on the far side of their main square. It felt as though all over France people were preparing for summer solstice.

In Capestang there was a stage in the square looking on towards the church and a band entertained the tourists and locals sitting in the two cafes on either side. A great setting, so our many friends that showed up for the fun told me.

The French take the Arts very seriously and they honour musicians throughout the summer with concerts. You can checkout many bands and a variety of talented musicians in the prettiest settings the southern region of France is famous for.

We booked a table for five at our favourite spot along the Canal du Midi at Le Chat Qui Peche to enjoy one of the local talents.

Gordon McManus has a cultured dulcet voice accompanied by his string guitar. He sings from the heart and had the whole crowd smiling as he felt his way through popular and original tunes. Not only a great talent to be discovered but happens to be a real sweetheart.

We met Gordon through his lovely partner Marianna, whom like us is also from Hungary. They work and live in France during the summer and in the winter travel the world. What a fabulous life for 2 people in their twenties.

Daniel and Angelina met the youngest son of the man we bought our pool from and they scouted around the grounds as we enjoyed the atmosphere of Le Chat Qui Peche. The kids had ice cream and food as we sipped beer and wine and listened to the light tunes and chatted to the new faces around our table.

A delightful pleasure to meet the wife and daughter of a British expat we know from town. They live just outside the village, have been here for 30 years and raised their two children in France. Their daughter J is very articulate, bilingual and meeting her made me think how lucky we are to be following so many that have beaten the path out before us.

It was a perfect day ended by a perfect night, our first day of summer in France.

That’s Hamori


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