Daniel’s 9th Birthday Celebration

Stick Em Up

Stick Em Up

The day Daniel was born was the most important day of my life. I waited a long time to find just the right daddy for my children, so when Daniel made me a mommy, my life and family began.

Our Daniel has a beautiful spirit, a loving nature and loves us with all his heart. I pain for him more than anyone else in the world and try to protect him. He can be sensitive and sweet, with a great sense of humour although 7-9 year old boys think body functions are the best way to make people laugh.

He astonishes me whenever he explains one of his inventions or tells me one of his stories. Wise beyond his years, my son is my sun and makes me very proud each and every day.

To celebrate Daniel’s 9th birthday, we chose Laser Game in Beziers. 6 of his friends piled into our van to be chauffeured by Alfonz. He kept a watchful eye, while the little testosterone filled young boys played war. At break they filled themselves full of candy and juice only to continue for another round of shooting each other. What more can a boy ask for? It to be okay to shoot your friends, make weird sounds and act like ninjas, yet not get in any trouble for it!

After, they came back to our home in Capestang to eat pumpkin chocolate cake and open gifts. Angelina, Garance (the children’s close friend), Mom and I waited for their return.

Then the kids still had about an hour to play with all the cool toys Daniel received.

After all the boys left, Daniel asked if we could go to McDonald’s for dinner. All the kids were so well behaved, how could we say no. A rare treat indeed, we piled in the van again, and took Angelina’s little friend along and told them they could have whatever they wanted for dinner followed by sundaes.

You know a party is a success when days later the kids from school are still thanking you for taking them to Laser Tag. One boy said, ‘Make sure you do this again next year for his birthday!’

It makes me happy to see Daniel cultivate some of his friendships from class speaking in his new language. It was a happy day for Alfonz and I to see him thrive in his circle of friends. There are so many nice children in his life.

Happy Birthday to you Daniel! Mommy and Daddy love you so very much!

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