Who are you?

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Me & my Computer
Me & my Computer

I want to know who our readers are. Of course I see the stats and have a rough idea where you live, how long you visit us for and even know the most frequent visitors personally.

But I want to know, who you really are.

Have you taken action in your own life towards fulfilment and happiness?

Are you living the best version of your life that you can imagine?

If not, lets discuss it and find some ways that may help you reach your own goals.

It is through little steps that we make big changes in our life. It is courage that allows you to step out of your comfort zone and move towards a life you are excited to wake up to.  It is through community that we find the strength to make those changes and it gives comfort to know you are not the first to head down that path.

Online, there is a giant community full of people just like yourself reaching for the stars. Some travelling the world, others embracing change and all working towards a more rewarding lifestyle.

Maybe you want out from a bad relationship, change your career path or have a lifestyle based on freedom; whatever your description of happiness is, put your ideas in motion.

Together, like a support group cheering along the sidelines, the online community can help you towards a better life. Sharing our stories, our ups and downs, and yes there were many ups and downs along the way.

Now I want to here from you!

There are many people that visit us on That’s Hamori each week and others just once a month to catch up, either way, I am curious to know you better.

Here is your open invite to talk to me, ask anything you want to and share your lives with us instead of us always sharing with you.

I cannot wait to meet you!

Please don’t let me down, I want to hear from you, yes you!

Eva 🙂



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  1. Tonja, What a nice way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Alfonz is taking me to Paris for a 4 day trip for my birthday in December. Without the kids! So far our itinerary is pretty busy with museums, boat rides and we plan to walk everywhere. 4 days is a good length of time to really absorb the flavour of Paris. I would concentrate on Paris and not venture too far out. I will write about our experience before you go, and I will make sure I will write with you in mind.
    Happy and safe travels.

  2. My husband and I are planning our first trip abroad next summer for our 25th anniversary. We will have 4 nights in Paris. I am very excited! Is there a day trip you would recommend? Or do you have any tips about flying to (or traveling in) France in general?

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