Post Hysterectomy First Week-Six Months

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Today is my 11 day post hysterectomy operation mark, and I feel fabulous. Other than being tired, it has been a breeze.

The last ten days were full of modified activities; mainly writing, reading and shouting recipes from the pullout bed in the living room. Alfonz propped me up with pillows, and surrounding me with massive amount of books, drinks and remote controls to get me through the first few days.

Once the gas pain stopped, around day six, all the pain stopped and there was no need for medications. I read online that I would take longer to empty my bladder and possible difficulty with my bowl. The first is definitely true, but I increased my fibre intake and started doing something I have never done before, eat breakfast.

The best thing post op is to take care of your body, keep your weight down and move around. Day six I was walking around Capestang and the combination of fresh air and movement vastly sped up my recovery.

I have a nurse who visits each morning at 8:30 who injects blood thinner into my thigh and she took out my stitches day 10. I have dropped 3 kilos, not much but enough to be visible.

I read that over the course of the next year, I can expect my ribs to shift towards my hips and my hips to expand resulting in the after hysterectomy look of a broader midsection, and flat rear. Not if I can help it. My action plan is yoga to lengthen my muscles and remain agile. I plan to To do Kegel’s, Kegel’s and more Kegel’s! Like after giving birth, most women know to work on the muscles in between your bottom and abdomen. Squeeze for three seconds, release for three seconds and do this whenever you remember, I personally am reminded at stop lights. This strengthens your pelvic floor and keeps your organs in place and controls urinary incontinence.  Not to mention keeps you healthy under the sheets.

After hysterectomy it is more important than ever before to keep your Kegel exercises up. The last thing we want is to have organs slip into our vagina, the dreaded fear. Prolapse is a problem for some. After removing your uterus, the bladder and bowl are now located next to one another without your uterus to separate them and you vagina is shortened and sown closed.

Day 19

I was doing so well and then had a few days of fever and bleeding. I boiled it down to the flu that was going around and perhaps my immunity being down after a few nights with little sleep.

Apparently blood clots are normal at this point but I didn’t expect them with heavier bleeding. Better to be safe than sorry. Today I go in for an unscheduled check-up. In the least it brings peace of mind.

Day 20

Doctor asked us if the bleeding was due to and early try under the sheets! I said, We were told to wait six weeks, and we haven’t even thought about it. He said, it is a common problem not waiting the full six weeks in France.

He gave me instructions, one week on bed rest, I obviously walked too much and possible lifted something. He checked internally and assured me that everything was healing perfectly.

Day 28

Other than a slight ping or pang in my abdominal, I wouldn’t even know I had surgery. I do get tired after activity, making dinner and a short walk and that is definitely not the norm for me, but I do see life getting carefree in regards to my periods.

6 Weeks

I woke up with a very low energy level and moody as hell. Been having premenopausal symptoms; strange smelling sweat, hot flashes, mood swings, feeling low, constipation, and a blasted headache for over a week. I researched online, and when the secondary blood supply is cut from your ovaries, the primary has to compensate for the lag. It takes a few months for the artery to grow to produce give enough blood for it to do its job correctly.

We have enough stored hormones in our fat to compensate for the difference for five weeks, and then you may feel the difference, and I sure do. I thought I was going into early menopause. Let’s hope things look better for me soon. I cannot stand feeling like an old lady, even my joints are hurting… BOO!

Week 8

I feel fully recovered from my surgery and back to all my normal activities. Although I am having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, I know I feel more tired after activities but I can push through my day. At one point I could’t tie my words together in a sentence I was so tired in the evenings. Unrecognisable jargon spewed. Obviously my body is still making adjustments and last week I was really down.

Then this week it finally happened, a burst of energy that feels familiar. A glance perhaps of the future, or a lucky break, either way I am taking it as; I am back baby!  I still have a bit of the blues, but I know things are changing inside me. The headache has finally stopped after nearly three weeks and I am back at long walks and cycling to the store for groceries. It keeps my feeling healthy.

Last Thoughts

When it comes to internal healing, you simply cannot rush it. It was challenging to give up my housework to Alfonz as much as it was hard for him to take on the extra tasks. Ask for help, let people bring you soup, fold your clothes and pick up the children. I couldn’t believe the people who helped out were so generous with their time. One friend even came over on a moments notice and cooked as I told her my recipe from my head as she went. I sat in a chair bundled up unable to help her and just watched it come together.

The hardest thing was being tired from nothing at all. It is a slow go, and little by little you regain yourself. The key is to listen to what your body says. There will be days you have endless energy when your pain killers stop you from feeling anything. That is not your cue to go vacuum! Stop the pain killers and truly listen to what your body is telling you. This is the one time I preach, do Not push through the pain.

January 7th I have my doctors ok to go back to work. Wish me luck!

12 Weeks

A setback, I experienced some bleeding after a long walk and bike ride. From the information online, I was dehydrated and managed to find myself with a urinary infection. I decided to treat it at home by increasing my green tea, and drinking infused waters; lemon, mint and green tea. Within a week I was back to normal.

24 Weeks

I made it to six months! I am finally loving the freedoms of no monthly cycles, and can do sports, swim and exercise without looking at my schedule. I love being able to go out and not carrying a bag with me. I love not worrying if I will feel tired, emotional or moody when I am around my friends.

For me, looking back, I don’t know how I managed with the burden of heavy painful periods since I was eleven. I only learned to manage my pain. Now I have a renewed vitality and feel like the second half of my life brings an added selfish pleasure that has nothing to do with reproducing.

Now with all the suffering behind me, there is nothing I can’t handle.

You must have a good support system in place, funds to get you through the no work period and friends that understand that this is a serious operation with a lengthy recovery time. It hasn’t been an easy road to recovery after my total hysterectomy, and one people really need to consider before having the operation to cure fibroids and heavy periods.




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