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Daniel Hamori                                                        Sept.20, 2011

My dad and me were building Lego.

My dad and I both love Lego projects.

Today we built a gas station and an amazing vehicle with eight wheels!

Now I’m going to tell you about them.

In the gas station there is a clerk inside and a worker outside.

My sister actually built part of it. In the car was a Lego soldier and I pretend it is me.

The car has two guns, an Ewok weapon and it has an engine, but there are two jets as well.

Also it can fly, but now I’m going to play with them.

legoland valras plage
Daniel’s lego

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  1. Hi Daniel, It’s me Sam, I’m over at Nick’s house. Cool lego stuff!
    Hi Daniel, It’s me Nick, I’m really glad you’re having fun in France!

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