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Welcome to Italy from Budapest
Welcome to Italy

The law of attraction simply states you draw into your life what you think about. Like attracts like and meeting up with fellow bloggers and Canadian expats Danna and Bob proved the theory true.

Danna and Bob moved to Italy for one year to scout out possible retirement homes and live out their life’s dream of moving to Treviso Italy. It is not everyday people boldly go after their dreams and this couple is very inspirational. Sounds familiar?

During the planning of an early vacation to Europe, the idea of moving to Italy came up and they have been toying with the idea for 4 years now, and after this longer trip, it may become a reality. Huh, more similarities right?

Both enrolled in Italian language lessons, although Bob did have an understanding of the language from his childhood, both are getting better now that they are immersed in the culture and hear Italian each day. Roberto or Bob as I know him, has Italian roots. His father brought his family over to the ‘Americas’ on a liner looking for a better life and now Bob returns craving the simpler life that Italy and Europe have to offer. Fresh local foods, beautiful landscape and passionate people add to the reasons to return, connecting him to his heritage, as they explore Italy.

Just a hop, skip and jump away, they contacted us to see if we would be willing to meet up. Excited to meet up after reading their blog, for Danna’s birthday, Bob drove them to visit us in Capestang. Danna has been loyally following our blog for sometime and when we first met it felt like we already knew each other.

Alfonz knew them in Canada too. Their son Chris worked for Alfonz when he owned Alpi’s European Auto-parts in Surrey and they always got along. With much in common we were willing to do whatever it takes to make their stay with us fun and show them exactly why we picked France.

On arrival, we made a beautiful fresh Salmon dinner with a big salad and enjoyed the cool night air while eating outside. We let the kids swim late under the meteor shower and enjoy our new friends company.

The next day we made our way up to the Wednesday market. Although much smaller than on Sundays they still get a flavour of what culinary treats await them in France. On foot, they walked around town seeing some of the local Capestang sites while the kids and I napped in the 35 degree humid heat. Later in the evening a thundershower took off the edge and washed clean all our dusty streets and buildings. Angelina and Daniel got me to dance in the rain with them.

The next day it was so fresh outside, we decided to head towards Beziers to the Polygone for a quick outdoor shop. I was in desperate need of good shoes and Angelina needed to buy a gift for a birthday party in the afternoon. At a great outlet store, I found a pair of Birkenstocks on sale. My last pair of walking sandals, Joseph Siegel’s, lasted 1 1/2 years wearing them day in and out. I called them my Jesus sandals as we walked throughout Europe. Not bad! We will see if these last as well and hopefully not wait until they reek to change them out. Being too thrifty is not necessarily a good thing.

Thursday evening we invited our US friends whom we met along the Canal du Midi on Monday, over for a BBQ party. Danna and Bob graciously helped prepare for it. We made new friends that night and the conversation was lovely. USA, Canada, South Africa, Italy and Hungary met at our united nations BBQ party. Maybe all the problems of the world can be civically solved, discussed over barbecued duck breast and homemade potatoe salad. From very different lifestyles, we find common ground under the topic of travel.

The last full day together we joined our US friends on their rental boats for a three-hour tour. Not a cloud in the sky, our day turned out to be quite a treat for our friends Danna and Bob. Few people get an opportunity so special on the canal and I am so happy we experienced it together. Thanks again Mike for our Serendipitous Canal Du Midi Boat Tour.

After an unscheduled extra night with us to lengthen our time together, Saturday morning came far too fast. Before we knew it our friends were already leaving and saying goodbye.

Daniel and Angelina love Danna. She took some special time to really connect with the kids and boy did they appreciate the attention. One thing I have noticed since the summer season started is that our life is a different kind of busy. Between survival, work and play, the children are often pushed to the side and with another two people in our house, the time we spent with them was even less. Danna saw the gap and filled it up with her gentle heart and loving nature.

Bob also has a very successful blog called Danna and Bob’s Italian Job tracking their adventures, both food and tourist site related.


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  1. You know I am now turning the blog into a book, and it is a funny thing to write in past tense, realizing we are not doing it, but done it! ? moved to France living the dream!
    There were some huge bumps, set backs and tears. The journey was the reward, not the destination as we have set up the same life we had in Canada. The law of attraction brings the same type of people to you, no matter where you live.
    What now? Hmmm world peace?? If everyone travelled a year in a foreign country and had to learn everything, that might be the answer ;)\Thanks fort he comment Lyn!

  2. Follow that dream! Great to have that dream and follow it through. the family photo shows such happy people. Well done! enjoy your dream.

  3. Once again Eva, your words paint a glorious picture!

    You made us feel like part of your family when we were missing our family the most. We will never forget all the good times, good food and great talks. Daniel and Angelina gave us a taste of being grandparents, we even got to play Lego. The United Nations Party and trip down the Canal du Midi will be in our hearts forever. Keep on your path it is a good one!

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