Angelina’s Music Video Debut – We Rock Disney

Flo & Angelina during the video shoot

Remember the song from the Disney movie The Lion King ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’??

Angel, Ben, Chloe, Flo, and Nicola are old hands at the French band life, and play in a handful of different bands in a variety of shows throughout Europe. They decided to form ‘We Rock Disney’ to remake children songs like I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, however they add their own twist. They increased the intensity with a little thrash behind the classic melody and add in powerful drums; taking this classic song to main stream. The rock sound is a catchy version of the tired original.

Our friend Flo, who happens to be Daniel’s guitar teacher, asked if Angelina could be in the ‘We Rock Disney”s video for the Lion King most popular song. They needed a small child to watch The Lion King video on a big screen TV while the band performed the song ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’ around her. Angelina was more than up to the challenge.

Our day started the night before finding the prefect outfit and toys to bring to the video shoot. Of course Angelina being the eight year old fashion diva she is wanted to wear a princess dress with sparkling red shoes. However for this, she needed to be herself and we choose four outfits in different styles and colours for the band and cameraman to choose from.

Once we arrived to the group’s Lamalou studio, a large house near the highway where they can make as much noise as they want, we let Angelina get used to the new faces and explore the four levels of the traditional French house. The attic was the most interesting part of the set with spider webs and an old trunk. After that, the band took her away to start explaining what she needed to do and how they want her to act during the video shoot.

They filmed hours of footage as the rest of us waited outside. There was one part that didn’t end up in the video of Angelina rocking it out on a little guitar jumping on the table with the band piled on the couch watching the Lion King on TV. It was hilarious.

I did sneak in to watch the group during the shoot and Angelina wore ear plugs for a good reason. The whole time they played their instruments, sang their tune, and jumped around with unbelievable amounts of energy. How Angelina sat their and ignored them is beyond me.

Angelina took a shine to the base player. Nicola might be a child incarnated into a adult’s body. To Angelina he was the star. He’s the guy screaming into the camera typical rocker style wearing sunglasses. He definitely adds an element of cool to this song.

We Rock Disney Band and Angelina Photo By Goulven-Gonthier
We Rock Disney Band and Angelina Photo By Goulven-Gonthier

Goulven was in charge of the video and photos. I saw photos for their local well known band Goulamas’k on his online website and Facebook page and became a fan of his work. He has a strong eye for detail and his use of colour is amazing. Every shot has a different feel to it, and during the video shoot, the attic looked like an old movie. Like his page on Facebook here

Mikey was in charge of sound, no easy task in this group. In between takes and room shifts and they all help each other move the wires  and equipment around.

Chloe’s voice has a memorable tone, add in her lively stage performance and you have a winning combination. I saw Chloe perform on stage with Goulamas’k GOG or Grand Orchestra of Goulamas’k, an off shoot band where they play more traditional French songs with a strong sound, perfect for festivals where the large crowds dance. This band sings with no words just chanting and Chloe, along with other members, adds a fun element dancing in their Pyjamas in a room setting on stage. They don’t stop moving or playing for hours and are massively popular in southern France.

Angel with dreadlocks past his waist is super gentle despite his size. He is one of the orchestrating minds behind the idea for We Rock Disney and the music video. His wide-ranged record selling voice has a soulful depth that makes girls cry. If given the chance, this band could be huge. Angel spent days editing the video for the impressive outcome.

The entire band embraced Angelina in their circle, and they enjoyed hanging with her for the day. They gently asked her to do certain things for the video and she complied with accuracy. She didn’t break character all day, and like the trooper she is, even after the bowlful of candy wore off, she did her best. A few weeks later, Angelina returned to film the attic senses in the freezing attic. She was so professional during the second shoot, Alfonz and I were very proud of her.

The band and the entourage made sure Angelina was fed, hydrated and taken care of during their time with them. Her experience was awesome, and even as the parents standing outside the door listening in, we were very grateful to have the opportunity to take part in such an fantastic version of a song and a cool group of people.

They might find international stardome if the song were done in English. Might be a future endeavour?

Flo & Angelina during the video shoot
Flo & Angelina during the video shoot

Angelina came home saying how much fun it was to hang out with the band. My shy Angelina really loved them.

A big thank you to the ‘We Rock Disney’ band for making the experience so memorable! Merci beaucoup!


Angelina working in the freezing attic
Angelina working in the freezing attic

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