Gardening in the French Countryside

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flower garden


Flowering Vines






Here are some ‘garden love’ photos of our home in Capestang.

I love how some foliage in the garden never dies and plants thought to have long passed away spring up in the funniest places.

Cutting back my roses after each bloom, a new batch of colourful flowers brightens our path towards our rental apartment, Le Petit Platane.

The vines have gone insane, you can almost watch them grow before your eyes, as they are take over.

Note to self, must trim vines back before they pick up and move our house down the road.

More to discover in the garden and my botanical adventure is only beginning.

Grape Vines
Perry and Stell-Blue, yappy critters
Continuous Bloom Roses
Open shut Flowers, sleep at night
Giant Beefsteak Tomatoes

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