Bastille Day

Have you ever gone to friends for lunch and ended up staying there until two in the morning? Well our lunch at Beatrice and Christophe’s house ended up just like that!

We started at noon arriving for lunch at their home to meet their other Canadian friends. Before our migration to Capestang there was a lovely couple and their three children here on a gap year adventure. They paved the way for us. Moreover, because of them, we ended up with some exceptional friends that they made during their stay. After lunch, we all ended up in the pool for a game of water polo. It got competitive and it was only three hours later we decided to stop the game and make our way home.

The other three families invited us to go for dinner and called the restaurant to add four additional places to their reservation. Therefore, we quickly showered, changed, and met up them at Caveau de la Place for an amazing meal. Alfonz had their seafood plate and I enjoyed a lamb shank. The restaurant owned by the butcher has exceptional quality food. I highly recommend them in Capestang, and an evening drinking, eating with dessert for a family of four, came to a very inexpensive 80€! For a family on a limited income and on a budget, it was perfect.

Invited by the city hall, the children joined the parade and received paper lanterns with candles inside them to illuminate the procession towards the canal, over the bridge, and eventually to the commencement ceremony of the fireworks. It’s always sweet to see children lead the way.

We then partook in the Bastille Day fireworks from the private seats of Beatrice and Christophe’s back yard. They opened Champagne under moonlight as we comfortably watched the light show.

The kids met us back at the square for ice creams where we danced under the stars.

The band was entertaining and possibly the same as last year. The square was full. Locals came out to celebrate Bastille Day- Le Fete National, the biggest national holiday in France commemorating the storming of the Bastille on July 14 1789.


















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