Imagine Camping La Salvetat-sur-Agout & Angles

Fleurs - Flower ville


Which way to Snow White’s Cabin in the woods?

Our camping trip was far too short to see all the lovely sites around the Forests of Saint Avant-Monts.

Saturday morning, the July fourteenth holiday, we ventured out after breakfast to explore the lovely village of La Salvetat-sur-Agout. Last night we enjoyed a delicious Pâté and I asked where we could get some to take home. Our hostess Anne led us to the butcher and we stocked up on the local flavours

Pâté is cooked meat and fat, smoothed in to a paste mixed with vegetable, herbs or spices, wine, cognac or brandy and served hot or cold. I like mine cold and made in-house. It seems to have the most flavour although you can buy it pre-packed in any grocery store in France if you are Jones-ing for a fix.

The sausage we had for dinner the night before with boiled potatoes and tomatoe salad from the garden of Anne’s father was so tasty, I recreated the entire meal on Sunday. It may have been the best tomatoe I have ever tasted.

I lightly tossed the huge meaty-diced tomatoes in olive oil with fresh basil from our garden; aside the butcher’s sausage was a perfect pairing.

We walked around the town sampling warm bread from the baker’s oven and took pictures of the little town clinging to the hillside. I noted the slate shingles nailed to the sides of buildings, the view of the river below with a man fishing and the quaint shops at every bend.

After our walk, we hit the near-by village of Angles to check out a garage sale. Children received a toy from Anne and they played with them for the rest of the day. Her generosity amazes me.

We went back to the cabin for lunch. We brought bratwurst sausages to BBQ on the indoor fireplace grilled in the French style with a metal tong unit that hold it while you turn it from one side to the other. Our last bits of salad and bread shared just before we had to leave for home to take part in the Bastille festival in Capestang.

Natalie and Stephan brought a wooden crate full of in-season plums and peaches from her father’s orchard. The peaches were so juicy we had to eat them outside as they dripped down our necks. She filled my bag with fruit to take home, which was gone the next day, along with the giant tomatoes.

Thank you to our friends: Anne, Pierre and Garance, and Nathalie, Stephan, Melanie and Lu for such a fun time!

I cannot wait to have them over to try my mom’s famous cabbage rolls, and share a wee bit of our heritage with them as well.

That’s Hamori!

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