Effortless Hikes Forests of Saint Chinion

I love travel!
I love travel!


Do you ever dream of cool mountain breezes and chattering streams running through beautiful green forests?

The Hamori’s head 60 minutes northeast towards La Salvetat sur-Agout to a little river with two other families from Angelina’s class for a camp out.

We set up our Westfalia camper van in a shaded spot under a big old tree. It was ideal, directly in front of our friend’s cabin.

This lovely piece of paradise has lush green all around and open pastures for the cows to graze.  The sound of cicadas are much quieter here and you can smell fresh manure on the breeze.

Different weather then the scorching sun we have become accustomed to in Capestang that is much closer to the beaches, the southern mountains offer a 10 degrees cooler climate and a get away for many French families looking to escape the heat.

The flies were particularly out this year and we asked the kids to use the fly swatters. They fed their victims to the lizards and geckos waiting near by as they made a game of the work we gave them. Daniel was bitten on his leg on our hike, and his ankle and elbow swelled up pretty badly. Even days later he is still rubbing anti-itch cream on them.

Hay bales ready for sale sit in freshly cut fields and we soak up the natural surroundings of France. My girlfriend Mallory’s friend is visiting from Dubai and she said, I drink in the green. She quenches a thirst for the lacking colour in the desert she lives in. I loved the way she put it.

A river runs through it and the property is a child’s adventure land with many animals and bugs waiting to be found and the plants and trees make up the forest ready for make believe. Our children were thoroughly entertained during our mountain getaway.

Our friends were kind showing us around the area, zooming along the winding roads towards the lake called lac de la Raviège, where the annual fireworks are held a day early for Bastille Day, the July 14th celebration. Our driver knows the roads like the back of his hand and show his skill as he took the roads formula one racer style. Impressive Pierre!


I will let the photos do the talking.

That’s Hamori

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  1. “Our driver knows the roads like the back of his hand and show his skill as he took the roads formula one racer style. Impressive Pierre!”

    Ca fait plaisir d’être apprécié à sa juste valeur !
    Mais je n’étais pas à fond !

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