How Easy To Ride Along The Historical Canal Du Midi

Cycling along the canal du midi
Cycling along the canal du midi
Poilhes route from Capestang along Canal du Midi
Ride Along the Canal

Alfonz and Adrian took Daniel on an adventure today. They finally took a much-needed break from the renovations and work around the house to take the boy on a two-hour bike ride to Poilhes and back along the Canal du Midi. This includes their lunch break and going past Poilhes. It would usually take about 30-45 minutes from Capestang.

Along the way they stopped at the interesting photo opportunities and enjoyed the shade the majestic Plane trees have to offer.

With brown-bagged lunch in hand, the three boys made their way to Poilhes, the friendly village closest to us along the Canal du Midi.


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