What A Girl Really Wants For Her Birthday?

Panasonic Clothes Dryer
My Christmas ? Birthday gift Panasonic Clothes Dryer
Panasonic Clothes Dryer
My Christmas/Birthday gift Panasonic Clothes Dryer







Turning 41 doesn’t seem like a time to celebrate. There are no candles to blow out, no fanfare, no obstacle to overcome. No party. No champagne. There was no 41 before 41 list, or a few ticks off my bucket list. This year was about getting better at the things I already love to do. Taking the extra time to think before I write, to edit my own articles before sending them to my editor for editing and to spend the majority of my time learning French. I am concentrating on my commission at the town hall, finding creative things to better our community. I am growing as a person in many different ways. Birthdays seem irrelevant now. Just another day.

So when Alfonz asked me what I would like for my birthday there was one one thing other than to make the children stop fighting. A clothes dryer. Yup, it will help my back, and make things easier on me for the year ahead. And darn it I am over 40, splurging on the convenience was well deserved.

Weighing out the necessity of modern convenience…

I know I said I would never buy a clothes dryer in the land of sun and wind.

Of course in Canada, everyone has a clothes dryer. In fact, if you don’t, you smell like a damp towel. Nothing dries when you live in a rain forest. British Columbia is not a tropical rain forest, but the Pacific temperate rain forest. That is why my homeland is covered in beautiful green forests, ferns, mushrooms, damp cool ground, and many times under a blanket of low grey cloud cover. It is funny how now I miss the various colours of grey.

After living here for over three years, and now that our business is starting to pick-up, Alfonz bought me a Panasonic energy efficient A+++ stackable clothes dryer for under the stairs. I searched many different stores, discount appliance establishments, used and refurbished on Le Bon Coin and finally on a website called CDiscount. Here I found my dream dryer for nearly 1/2 off!

I needed a barrel large enough to fit comforters and sheets from the B&B, especially with 80 students arriving in the new year. I also wanted something that doesn’t kill the electricity bill and this unit has an ECO cycle, plus a rotating spin cycle that makes for no wrinkles! Not that I ever ironed before, but now I really don’t have to!

I have now done five loads of washing; comforters, sheets and blankets. I love my new dryer, and for the winter it makes good sense! In the summer I am sure to go back to using the line outside. For now… I listen to the sound of the dryer…

Best gift ever!


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