Family Expedition along Neckar River


While we stayed in the tranquil area along the Neckar River in Germany we also ventured out to explore little villages, towns and cities.

Alfonz gave me an hour to catch up on some email with interruptions and took the kids to Huffenhardt, to the town he lived in. He let them walk through the park he knew like the back of his hand, and they explored as Alfonz went down memory lane.

We drove to Heilbronn for Chinese buffet lunch and found a nice cafe after to stop in and share a piece of cake. The kids chose ice cream to eat, scooter around and played until it rained and were forced inside. Usually we make a whole day of shopping and walking here. Next time.

Aqua Toll is an indoor/outdoor aquatic centre with; slides, two hot tubs, 2 saunas, a kid’s section with pirate theme with 2 more slides and 5 giant swimming pools. We took the kids here last time we were here and the ionized water, natural spring pool and the slides were the biggest hits. The October weather was great for even the outdoor lap pool Alfonz braved. Daniel could go around down the slides or hang out in the kid’s section with Angelina unattended. Angelina went down the slides with Alfonz as I soaked in the hot tubs, stretched and swam in the warm spring water that smelled a little like egg salad left out too long. After 3 hours of splashing around we each devoured the cafe schnitzel!

Mosbach, 58 km east of Heidelberg, have the cutest walking streets with cafes and shops. Alfonz and I have made a point of coming here each time we visit, and buy ice cream of the kids, and people watch. Many tourists see the charm in this cute village. The Eis Cafe Rialto is an Italian family owned and operated store on the walking streets, with covered tables and chairs, with people staking them out waiting for a vacant spot t sit. The sundaes are on average 6.5 Euros each, are huge and have every possible flavor variety combination imaginable! People ordered and ate their own serving, but Alfonz and I shared a nut and chocolate sundae treat. It was more than enough. Angelina chose a gummy bear and Daniel decided on a spaghetti ice cream with a kinder egg on top. They also make a good cup of Joe too!


We spent 4 days around this area of Germany and from here we went back towards Austria, then Hungary. We hope to be in Italy before the week is up.

That’s Hamori!




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