Bastille Day Festivals Fun and Frisky

Hamori child @ games Capestang
Daniel at the children's games Capestang
festivals are on at the square
Seems I have a lot to say! Caveau de la Place Dinner with the Canadians

Day 1 of the three day festival!

Bastille Day festivals are among the most memorable in Capestang with lively French traditional music, and entertainment throughout the village over the course of the three days. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from theatre performances to games for children to live musical venues.

Sunday evening we had games for the children to enjoy, and handed out prizes to every child! It was so much fun to participate in the activities. Our students helped out with my game, musical chairs and Sophie donated the music from her iPhone through the microphone! The other children helped with the elimination of the chairs during the game. In the end, everyone received a winning ticket for a prize!

There was a children’s acapella singing contest and a DJ in the evening for dancing.

prizes for the children Capestang
Bastille Weekend game prizes
musical chairs Capestang
Angelina wins the game!

Musical chairs Capestng square

Capestang festivals
children’s festival Capestang
Daniel Hamori, potato sac races  Capestang
potato sac race Capestang, Daniel jumping high
Angelina Capestang
Angelina enjoys the games for children during festival, sporting her Canadian T-shirt
acapella songs capestang festival
Children sing at the children’s festival
Hamori child @ games Capestang
Daniel at the children’s games Capestang
children sing in Capestang festival
children sing acapella at Capestang festival

bast 13

Capestang festivals
Live theatre for free Capestang
Live theatre for free Capestang for Bastille day
Live theatre for free Capestang
Bastille Day weekend festivals Capestang
July 14th weekend festivals

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