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endless miles of vineyards surround Capestang


Blog Carnival – We gather 10 fellow bloggers, who write about their local sites, and here is our joint post.

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Eva of

When you think of southern France do you conger up an image of vine covered countryside and Plane trees along the Canal du Midi winding its way towards the Mediterranean Sea? Do you dream of sun bathed afternoon walks, a baguette under arm and sandy coast lines? With so much tradition and culture for tourists to sample, the south keeps visitors coming back back for more.

Southern France is known as the #1 tourist destination of the world and with 300 plus days of sunshine each year there is no wonder why.

France has managed to keep hold of its traditions and culture with little outside influence for centuries. Where other countries begin to look like each other, the south of France remains true, with vine covered countryside, villages in traditional style and colours and communities stead fast to holiday ceremonies. It makes a unique experience for travelers, feeling as if time travelling while exploring little villages in southern France.


Capestang, our little French village, is located directly between the Mediterranean Sea to the south and the Haut-Languedoc regional park to the north, a central location for anyone wishing to explore southern France and the beauties waiting discovery.


Take a bike or your walking shoes down to the Plane tree lined Canal du Midi. The Canal was created as a route from the Atlantic Ocean through France to the Mediterranean Sea, bringing wine, salt and goods to all the local villages and towns along the banks. It brought prosperity to the land, offering an alternative route to ship’s, when before they had to go around Spain and Portugal, which were treacherous waters and guarded by pirates.


Market day in Capestang falls on Wednesdays and Sundays until 13:00pm. You can sample local goods as well as find a variety of souvenirs in this busy town square. There are 2 super markets on the outskirts on town, 3 bakeries, 2 cafes and 5 restaurants, making this a good year round get away.


Towering over the square is Capestang’s church from the 14th century with 11th century remains under it, one of many architectural sites along the winding paths through the village.


Capestang means at the head of the pond, as just outside the village are protected marshlands, rich with wildlife, and once a route from the river, now diverted, only fills in fall and winter months.


Find the Capestang information centre near the town centre, and grab the ‘At the Head Of The Pond-Walking Tour’ pamphlet- offering a mapped out route with plaques to show your way around on foot, hitting all the local attractions.


Robin Hood’s Carcassonne Castle is about an hours drive west of Capestang and makes for a good day trip. The medieval castle made famous by Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood as well as Disney’s castle replica has winding paths through it, with unique local gift shops to browse. If you are planning to go for lunch, watch a concert or browse their market, you will find lots to do and see on this day trip away.


The Mediterranean Sea is twenty-five kilometers away, with its white sand beaches and turquoise waters conveniently close for a day in the sun and surf. Be sure to sample a bucket of muscles in wine sauce served with French fries, a local favourite and a culinary adventure.


Shopping at the Polygon in Beziers is a twenty-minute drive from us, in this architecturally unique open aired mall. Makes for a great day trip for any shoppers visiting our town wanting to sample the French fashions.


Domain De La Provenquiere is a winery close by, in a historical building that Napoleon’s second in command once owned. There are entire rooms untouched since his possession. Stop in for a tasting and see what the fine wines in the Languedoc-Roussillon region taste like. Tell Francoise that Eva sent you!

With so much to taste, see and do, no wonder tourists come again and again to visit southern France.

Craig of

Most Aucklanders live well outside the city centre, only venturing in for business or a night out. There’s plenty to do during the day though, especially when you’re out exploring the sparkling Waitemata harbour. Find the best things to do in Auckland harbour.


Jen of

One of the coolest things about living in Portland is that so many great places are within reach; the ocean, the mountain, the dessert.  But sometimes it’s good to get farther away, to a place that is a little more…theatrical. Ashland is a great escape with entertainment that can take you to other worlds.


Jim of

My kids aren’t quite turned on by the image I hold of myself as an intrepid Saharan explorer. So we load our little tent, sleeping bags and some coolers of food and drink into the car and hustle a quick two hours north on Highway 522 from our home in Taos, New Mexico, into Colorado and to the 85,000-acre Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.


Lauren of

Extremadura is a part of Spain that few people know about. But only an hour away from busy Madrid, Extremadura makes a great choice when traveling in Spain. Visit the charming town of Trujillo to see its gorgeous castle and taste world famous Torta de Caser cheese. If you prefer something bigger try the capital, Cáceres, to see its perfectly preserved old town. Finally, head down to Mérida where the Roman ruins rival those of Rome, without groups of tourists getting in your way.

Travis of

The best possible day trip you can take to get away from Los Angeles is a quick two-two hour drive down to San Diego.  Ideal weather, great beaches, interesting neighborhoods and activities that cater to adults just as much as families, make it a great candidate for getting out of the big city craziness that can come with living in, and even visiting, Los Angeles.


Lis of

Just over the hill from Wellington is the very New Zealand combination of wild rugged coastline and fine wines. Whatever your budget or interests there is something for you in the Wairarapa, and all under 2 hours drive from home!


Amanda of

There are quite a few benefits to living in Perth, Western Australia, the most isolated city in the world – and one of them is that a typical “nearcation” is to hop on the ferry to idyllic Rottnest Island, just an hour away.


Ele of Kootvela

In 1772 there was a partition of one European country by its neighbours. A mere 30 years before there was a boy born in a poor family in France. Both events are related because this boy grew up to be one of the greatest botanists in the world and he came to spend a great part of his life in a partitioned country. The result today are the beautiful Kairenai botanical gardens.


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