Summer Kitchen Turns Apartment Rental

Les Platanes
Les Platanes

Our house came with a name. Les Platanes translated means the Plane trees, a fitting name for a home where the distinctive plane trees with its pale grey-green bark line the roads as well as the Canal du Midi.

These trees could be a symbol of French life; strong against the elements and a people known for weathering a storm.

When we bought the house our intent was to convert the summer kitchen into a small furnished bachelor suite apartment, one that I could run as a B&B on my own.

Although my vision was a much grander one before arriving to France, this smaller vision can still become one of the ways for us to earn a living here in the Langudoc.

I am happy to say that the renovations are well underway, thanks to S and Z, our wonderful contractors. Their experience and expertise in the region has proved helpful when buying materials, and deciding on the right add-ons to our house to make a pretty little rental for the Capestang market.

We decided to give the rental a name of its own, ‘Le Petite Platane’,, translated means the little Plane tree, a well-suited name for our little rental in the south of France.

We ripped everything out from the previous owner’s summer kitchen and purchased the shower, the toilet, and the sink for the bathroom add-on. We made space for this by stealing 1 meter from Alfonz’s garage, a sacrifice I was willing to make!

In the bedroom we will add a 1.8 meter rectangular kitchenette in the right hand corner of the room like the ones you find in a hotel rental with a mini fridge, a 2 burner stove top, and a small sink. This rounds out the space nicely.

It will be furnished with a pullout couch, or a double bunk bed above head, or two single bunk beds, what ever fits the best. It won’t be huge, at 10 meters squared but efficiently laid out for a summer rental.

Outside on the terrace we will have a gas BBQ and a table and chairs for our tenants to relax on. They will have access to our family pool, and a separate off road entrance.

Stay tuned for the progression of our little apartment rental.

Tomorrow we finish the upstairs bathroom, start painting and buy the tiles for the downstairs bathroom. We hope to find and buy the black metal outdoor gate, and buy gyp-rock for the apartment. Our must do list seems to be growing!

We have priced out the kitchenette, 26″TV with wall mount, double bunk bed, and wardrobe. Then comes the fun part, decorating!

My guess is that we will be up and running within the next 2 weeks if we stick to task. If not you can find me rocking back and forth in my bed with my thumb in my mouth. I may be on the verge of a mini break down, but wine is the southern cure for all!

Alfonz dug part of the pool and it turns out to be a tough job. May need to call in some back up.

To Be Continued!

That’s Hamori








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