Bouncing Around Barcelona Spain



Barcelona Impressions

Eclectic buildings and homes, in a wide variety of styles, in a scatter of chaos, somehow make this city beautiful and unique. Modern art, next to traditional statues and heritage sites, a place where music, culture and art clash, combine and openly unit, in this lively city, full of tourists.

I lost count of how many languages I heard in the first few hours, walking from Plaza Catalunya, down La Rambla, the main walking street that ends at the Mediterranean Sea. A lively promenade with vendors, live mime sculptures, and artists, noisy chatter and busy motorbike and car sounds, make this area exciting to experience.

Our first day we spent along this street, making our way with the kids to the sea, where we bathed in the hot sun, watching people swim and sunbath. The waves lapped the shore, and I felt my stress dissipate.

Where masseuses come up to you and for 5 Euros will give you a fifteen-minute foot or back rub. Looked very inviting after the three-hour stressful drive in to Barcelona, however we passed on it.

After we strolled the boardwalk, and saw a group of street performers. They set up as quickly as they could, and pumped salsa music and danced in a very sensual manner, drawing a large cheering crowd. The women shook their booty and you couldn’t help but notice how curvy they were. They were all in unison, and looked like they were having the time of their life!  Before they could collect their donations, the police came, saying they didn’t have a permit. The dancers scattered, grabbing their speakers and gear, all going in different directions, as the crowd booed the policemen.

After we searched seaside restaurants for a seafood place. I wanted to try traditional Spanish paella or tapas, both things I heard so much about before arriving to Spain.

At the restaurant, a young French couple sat beside us and complained about their food. They looking disgusted as they ate, picking at their seafood food and finally asking for French fries. I laughed to myself, as we devoured the delicious spicy foods, ripping apart the whole prawns with our hands. After spending the last 5 months in France, our taste buds were satisfied. Alfonz stated, ‘This is the best seafood I have ever had!’

We treated the kids to an ice cream cone, as we walked back up the walking street to catch a cab back to our hotel. We will crash hard tonight, after a long day of travel and exploration.



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  1. Everyone should visit Barcelona. We have to spend more time in Spain! We love spicy food, and fresh seafood, lively music, the language is beautiful, and a quick 3 hour drive away from our Capestang community, why not! After we get a hold of French, we will have to pick up a few phrases and words in Spanish too.

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