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busy bees in capestang
The Mess, renovations Capestang

We started a new business!

Alfonz and I, after many hours of contemplation and discussion decided on a form of income. The business plan is underway with firm dates set with bankers and accountants. It was interesting how the idea came to Alfonz. They always say, ‘Do what you know.’

It will not be our only business, as we have the two apartment rentals, my websites and I will be tutoring English to ESL kids in France. We will keep our business under wraps until we are officially up and running as a registered business in France, but  it is in the tourist industry.

We move to our new home on Wednesday and it cannot be soon enough. Picking up our keys at 2:00pm and sleeping our first night in our own home that evening. We have outgrown our rental space and cannot wait to settle the kids in their own separate rooms. Once we buy them a few things: a desk and bedding of their choice, they will feel rooted and we can finally post pictures of our home in southern France.

I travel alone to Budapest February to film a TV show and come back to film in Capestang the following week with the family for an additional three days. It will be fun to share our move and life on our favourite program.

Setting up our home properly will have to wait until after filming completes. We are simple out of time to get it all done before hand. The basics will be in place to get a good idea of what we have planned with the layout. They may come back after a few months to show our home after renovations.

Can we get any busier? Yes! We start on the renovations on our new property: a swimming pool, a new rental apartment, a new kitchen and en-suite. We are already getting quotes lined up for the renovations, names and numbers of builders to help us out along the way. The workload is large and sure to keep us busy over the next few months.

It feels like a lifetime since we started this adventure and I dream of the new house. A place to get used to, a landing pad between vacations and travels, but above all a home for the children to settle into. They need it more than I could have imagined.

Other things…

I took on a writing role with a few different online magazines. It has been fun to write and share our adventures with other bloggers and online people that may not have found our website yet.

Also I started website set up for a few different clients, some complimentary, some for a minimal fee, in hopes to gain some more experience. It may branch out to a different line of work in the future, time will tell.

Alfonz bought a business computer. Funny thing, he had his hands on one at Carrefour when he realized it was not a QWERTY keyboard. He was on the phone with Dell, trying to buy one and have it sent here. Good luck! I wish it were easier.

Health care in France is not a form you fill out like in Canada and you are magically part of the system. It is a tiresome journey through French bureaucracy. Granted, we do not speak French and they did not exactly send us an invitation to join their lovely country, we showed up.

We are bringing tax dollars through our land purchase and our business to support ourselves. Our plan is to contribute to our new country, work and create ourselves jobs.

Then we apply through the self-employed business sector in Bezier once the business is properly up and running to become a part of the health care system. Until then we purchased an extra insurance policy for the kids when they are at school, for injuries and accidents. And we are on travel insurance that we were told could be renewed on the telephone or over an email to BCAA. That is only the case if you have not actually used the policy. Daniel broke his glasses in Germany and we had them replaced. Then you have to call the underwriter directly. I hope this is as easy as it sounds. With some luck we will be part of the French system in no time.

Our busy family keeps trucking forward, ticking each item off our ‘French To Do List’. We keep our eye on the prize and home base is in sight for the home run. There is hope in making a viable income here in southern France.

Slowly but surely we make it to the end of this adventure, only to start a new one. Our new life in France as an expat we will explore with our kids in our Westfalia Van and of course continue our pursuit of happiness.



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  1. Sounds wonderful, Eva. Sooooo happy for you guys that things are working out and you’re getting to where you want to be. Sounds like you won’t be back to Canada for a while so I’ll have to start saving up for that trip to France!!

  2. Not sure if it is all straightened out. He is on the fence. Wanting to make sure he gets a good deal, and with the right amount of ram, video capability, correct keyboard, and not a MAC. He doesn’t like my baby! I love my MacBook Pro…
    Thanks! Alfonz is the business mind, I fill in the bits 🙂

  3. Strangely enough they have black bees in Capestang – I saw some in my garden at rue Franklin during the renovation stage. I did ask about it but can’t remember what they are called – well that’s age for you.
    Glad Alfonz got his computer sorted out he asked me when we spoke on the phone.
    Wish you the best of luck with your new home – you are not going too far so we will see you in a few weeks.
    Fingers crossed with your business venture(s) but I don’t have too many worries about that – you struck me as a couple of smart cookies who will survive no matter what.

    Bonne Chance

  4. Daniel looks at the picture and says, huh? That’s a fly mom not a bee! Duh!
    Kids, I shake my head, he’s right too, oh well I like the photo anyways

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