Peyriac-de-Mer – Glass Lake





Those are flamingos! I was captivated by my many subjects on Peyriac de Mer, different varieties of birds, landscapes, mercury rippling waters.

The children hiked through the trails, the sun shone down on us, it was a cool day, bundled up we stripped down as we went. Being part of nature, walking through parks, around glass top lakes, up hiking paths, feeling so normal going outside to play.

I love the shot of Angelina throwing the rock over the cliff. Daniel and Angelina scooted around the water along the path way ahead of us. They over turned every stick and rock along our 2 hour hike up the mountainside. The view was worth it.

After we stopped off at the small town of Bages, along the Sea Water Lake, and even though it was cold, we ate ice cream. Our faces pink from sun, we smiled at each other. What a glories day to be alive! The air was crisp, no breeze, you could smell the sea.

In the summer the man-made beach along the shore of the Lake is packed with sunbathers. One side of the hill is open Sea and the other a land locked lake, they must have been connected at one time.

In the distance a train connects a popular island park to the main land, the paper mill steams and puffs beside, and little black pools of birds float the day away.

Another perfect day!

That’s Hamori


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  1. Thanks! They are flamingoes! I think that it must not be shrimp season, is why they are not brighter pink. Maybe the water is too cold. Just a guess though.

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