Place De La Comédie Montpellier


Daniel and his team had their second handball match against neighboring towns and villages. Now that he understands more of the language, he has been improving with passing and scoring.

Although the team as a whole lost to some pretty tough players, Daniel shows great promise as a strong player. We were very proud!

To celebrate, we decided to make our way to Montpellier for lunch. About an hour from Capestang, the big city offers so much for us to do.

Place De La Comédie is a huge square in the South West corner of the 8th largest city in France, with a population over 250,000. Loaded with splendid shops, people watching, a fun playground for the kids and a park to walk through.

We treat the kids to a pony ride along the paths on miniature ponies. For 10 Euros, the kids had their highlight for the day, for us it was money well spent!

The Comédie Oprah house, which the plaza was named after, is in the square next to the famous ‘Three Graces’ water fountain.

The Place de la Comédie became the centre point of the city when the train station was put in not 200 meters away. There are smaller train runs shuttling people to the Mediterranean Sea from here too.

La Gazette was the first magazine publication in France May 30th 1631, I took a picture of the sign. I have read about The Gazette my whole life, and there it was in front of me. A writers moment.

The university city of Montpellier, where Nostradamus studied, is full of ambitious students.  A young and fun vibe can be felt at every turn. I hear the nightlife is excellent. Even in January every outdoor seat on this sunny January day is full in the square, with stylish dressed people, crowds of young folk flood the alleyways and restaurants, and musicians show their stuff for a few euros.

We will be visiting here often.

That’s Hamori



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  1. I don’t know it runs in the winter but in the summer there is a ‘chug chug’ road train which does a tour around Montpellier. I remember taking ourt grand-daughter on it a few years ago – I am in awe the way the navigate them through the narrow streets wit only inches to spare at times. It is well worth getting the guided tour.

    I do agree with you, Montpellier is a must for anyone visiting that part of the world, though I prefer others to do the shopping at Ikea but that is just outside anyway.

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