Have I loved you? Have I fed You?

traditional Hungarian beef stew recipe
traditional Hungarian beef stew
The secret to all my yummy Hungarian Food!Start off by browning some onions and maybe a little garlic, a fresh tomato, a bell pepper, add salt and pepper, 1 tablespoon Hungarian paprika, stir the whole time, add your chicken, pork or beef cover and turn down to med-low for one hour and you have the base for Hungarian stew, goulash or soup. Hungarian stew add sour cream and serve over nokedli (spatzle) with cucumber salad on the side, or add carrots, celery raise water and once cooked add hand made dumplings (csipetke) and its Hungarian goulash, add more water and whatever veggies you like and make a quick soup.
Simple ingredient, simply good food! We like our meat with meat please and bring bread. I met a nice family here in Canada from Hungary years ago now, and I was going through a vegetarian stage for a few years which had left me skinny and extremely moody. And she said she was a vegetarian also. I said really not too many in Hungary are vegetarians that is for sure. Yes she said I only eat fish and chicken! It is so foreign a concept that a vegetarian only cuts back on red meat. Comical, no? It has probably caught on by now.If most people ate the way our central European country does, they would have high cholesterol and definitely be overweight. Add in some Palinka, our traditional white lightning moonshine and you would be in full blown heart failure, diabetes and maybe liver failure. Grow up on rich foods like these, and do so for hundreds of generations and the people get used to the fried meats, heavy potato bread, retes – filled pastry, sipping wine since small with our parents and it doesn’t effect your health as much. Our people had to go long days and nights on little more than bread, pork or duck fat, and an onion, roasted over an open fire, dripping the fat on the bread, and eating the onion raw.  Imagine them keeping warm shooting palinka before bed. Oh how I love my culture….mmmmI love to cook for people and my dream life would incorporate serving people yummy dishes. My family and friends gather in the kitchen as I cook, we sip wine or beer and laugh as I prepare and once done we feast. It must be deeply rooted in me to serve and watching people eat my cooking is very rewarding. Almost selfish I get so much joy from it. Food is my love language.

Have I loved you? Have I fed you? Then you already know the answer!


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