Bize- Minervois Along the River Cesse

Mon Famille


Along the river Cesse between Olonzac and Capestang just North of the D5 lays a little village community called Bize in the Aude region of southern France.

We decided to give the river a try after a heat wave hit out area and we searched for a cool dip in the icy rivers of the Cesse.

The community has dammed the river to create a swimming hole for the locals and tourists. After school many people wandered over to cool off before heading home. Teenagers make this their local hang out eating baguettes with Nutella and I cannot help to think how much better it is than the local 7-11 hangout eating burritos back in Canada!

We set up camp next to the shore in a tree-shaded area around lunchtime and stayed until dinner. Today was a napping kind of day, as the kids splashed and explored the benign area.

We ate browned bagged lunches; baguette stuffed with our favourite local meats and cheeses, snacked on fresh fruit and drank cold beers.

Alfonz and I took turns swimming in the slow moving river water, almost too cold on such a hot day. It reminded me of the Cowichan River in Duncan where I grew up on Vancouver Island, and the memories of swimming in it as a kid flashed over me as I watched my own children enjoy the summer’s day.

The kids loved wading in the shallow waters, hunting for animals and playing with other children close by.

Daniel met a boy with fishing gear and made his way up the river to try his hand at netting fish. He did manage a few tiny ones and brought them eagerly back to show us.

Angelina found an abandoned Barbie bucket and scooped her share of the tiny minnow to show us too.

Adrian didn’t leave the blanket. Between his book and napping he was content.

We all took turns napping.

It was a very restful day.

That’s Hamori!




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