Hassmersheim, Germany


Germany is where Alfonz and his family moved to in 1989 before coming to Canada. A nice couple they knew from Torokbalint, Hungary moved to Hassmersheim, Germany when they married in their later years to start a life together. They helped out the Hamori family while they were learning and working in Germany. Alfonz has fond memories of his stay here. The kids he met and learned German from, the camping trips to the surrounding lakes with his new friends and his independence as a teen; account for some of the adventures he has shared with us.

Hassmersheim is a quaint little town along the shores of the Neckar River with traditional side-by-side bright colored homes with planter boxes in the windows full of geranium blooms. Cobble stone roads and sidewalks offer lovely walks around the town. We visit a little coffee shop and a bakery during our four-day stay. There is a little store full of toys Alfonz used to press his nose up against as a smaller child dreaming of owning the colorful toys within. It gave him joy to visit there again and watch Daniel and Angelina press their little noses against the same window.

Each morning and evening we visit the ducks and swans to feed them day old bread. They were happy birds while Daniel and Angelina over fed them and we relaxed watching them partake in the simple life we would lead living in a place like this.

A little ferry putts across the river at the cost of 3€ / ride. It was fun to travel across and did it as often as we could when leaving the town to venture out into neighbouring towns and cities.

Daniel managed to fall in the Neckar River this trip and soaked his shoes, (of course on my watch), just before we were taking Alfonz’s Aunt and Uncle out for dinner. However, all’s well that ends well. And our visit did end very well, with beer and a traditional Germany meal of cabbage, spaetzel, and wiener schnitzel in the restaurant portion of the B&B we stay in.

The Ritter Hotel has a great staff, are a fabulous family run business with the best food in town! We paid 80€ for Bed and Breakfast, and they really went out of their way to accommodate us, and even brought in a mattress for the floor so Daniel would have a place to sleep. We stay here each time we visit Germany, and always relax and rest well enjoying the calming surroundings.

That’s Hamori!







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