It is A Wrap! Winter 2014 Update

Accrobranche Beziers
Accrobranche Beziers



Accrobranche Beziers
Accrobranche Beziers EFS

What a year this has been! It was about finding a good income, establishing ourselves in our community and giving back. 

When we moved here we had no idea what we were going to do…

2014, after searching, we finally found English for Success, our new business venture.

Alfonz and I both have our TESOL accreditation and are happily teaching English as a second language to many French students from all around France.

The kids live with us for 1-3 weeks where we follow a curriculum but also give creative and interesting lessons, trying to get the students to talk. It is a lot of fun.

The kids vary in age from 10-20 and we welcome four at one time.

EFS activities for our students
EFS activities for our students

We look forward to developing this program with our new affiliate and are so grateful to find a job we love!

English for success - Hamori Family
English for success – Hamori Family

Welcoming over 50 students into our home over the course of 14 weeks, left little time for much else. Alfonz continued working South Westy his touring company and we both managed La Maison Cachee a rental in Argeliers. The summer went by very fast, and we enjoyed many activities with the six kids in tow; canoeing, kayaking, electric boats, the beach, rivers and lakes, caves, accrobranche tree climbing, horseback riding, laser game….

And we managed to enjoy our local music festivals throughout.

South Westy Wine & Castle Tours - Alfonz
South Westy Wine & Castle Tours – Alfonz


Daniel still carries on with his electric guitar with songs from Metallica, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Joan Jett, Iron Maiden, ACDC … kids after my own heart.

Angelina still sings with the local kid’s choir and jazz dances at the local community center.

Alfonz and I got our TESOL Accreditations, mine at the beginning of the year and Alfonz just at the end before we left for winter vacation.


I am in charge of finding a twin village for Capestang and it looks like we have found a good match! Next to lake balaton, a thermal lake called Héviz!


Dad visited us in France
Dad visited us in France


Dad, Patricia and Glen visited from Canada. We took them around and showed them our region as best we could over the three days they were here.

It was great having Glen hang with us in the evenings to spend some quality time with my kid brother!

Angelini Ballerini my baby turns 9!
Angelini Ballerini my baby turns 9!

Angelina Turns 9! 

For Angelina’s birthday this year we decided on a Halloween themed party with horseback riding. We had four students at the same time, so we carved pumpkins, learned about the history of Halloween and of course went trick or treating! Then we had the parents stay for a feast and karaoke! Super fun party!

Skatepark Daniel
Skatepark Daniel turns 11!

Daniel Turns 11!

Daniel Turns 11!My little man has the same size feet as me! He is tall like a bean and surprises me everyday in school. This year he has taken responsibility for his own homework and grades. He is doing a great job with organizing his workbooks and passing far above average!

His favourite pastimes are still BMX, Scooter & thrashing on his Electric Guitar! The apple doesn’t fall far and he loves heavy metal!

For his birthday we took 8 boys to laser tag in Narbonne during the floods in the Languedoc! We were very lucky as the rains stopped just long enough!

Venice Italy Christmas
Venice Italy Christmas

Hamori Vacations

Paris!! Italy!! Hungary!!

This year we visited Paris for the first time while we went to an English for Success seminar. We extended our weekend and asked Beatrice and Christophe, our close friends, to watch the kids so we could have a second honeymoon.

Alfonz drives Ferrari Paris
Alfonz drives Ferrari Paris

The highlight was Alfonz taking a Ferrari for a spin, ticking off an item on his bucket list!

We will visit Venice over the holidays for a couple of nights, finally, my dream come true!

Eva Paris France
Eva Paris France
eiffle tower
Eiffel Tower

This has been something I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember. I love Italy, and really don’t even know Italy yet!

Skiing Pyrenees!!

Visiting Hungary after two years is also very important to me. I have been so busy making a new life here, I haven’t had the chance to go to our home in Elizabeth Village or visit our family and friends.

We also plan to visit Hévis during our vacation.

I look forward to spending the next few years building connection to Hungary, and perhaps in the future we will have some business opportunities.

I am keeping my eyes wide open. If one day we end up spending more time in Budapest, I would be one happy camper!

We look forward to some planned ski weekends in the Pyrenees as well.

Elvis completes our little family in France
Elvis completes our little family in France

Elvis Presley Lives in FRANCE!!

Our beautiful Elvis completes our family!

We love our kitty, and he is quite a character. Funny, Alfonz wanted him the least but the cat cannot stop hanging around him. Isn’t that the way!

Happy Holidays!! 

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