From the Beginning!

Missing Canada

Requests have come in from some of our newer readers to publish a post of our journey from the beginning.

We are at around the 1/2 way mark to start living our life’s dream. Might be a good time to take a moment to reflect.

We still have a new language to learn, a home to purchase, and a country to explore in our camper van once the weather warms up. A business adventure is in our future; we toy with a few different options.  We absorb our new French life. 

Links below lead to adventure posts from the beginning of our story, until the time we set off on our adventure.

Starting from where the idea first stemmed, under That’s Hamori and One Year Left To Live!! 

From there go to the Category Prep for our move to France here there are 16 posts on our family’s preparations before we leave.

Starting from First Came The Plan on preparing a must do list from January until August 2nd, our departure date. Originally our departure date was September, we left ahead of schedule.

Back up Plan in case all fails, what are the options?

The very popular post on how to down size you life, 2000 square foot house down to two suitcase! Down Sizing 2 suitcases

Selling the House was difficult. My kids were born and raised there, but at the end of the day, it is just a house, a material thing, that can always be replaced.

Why Home Schooling? Our children need an education, and while on the road the question was, what are the options. We take matters into our own hands and decide on a mixed education. Road School, homeschool and hard curriculum mixed in a pot and applied at will.

Why France? Good question!

Excellent Products My pants are tight we must be in France!

Languedoc-Rousillon France France is a big place, so how do you pick an area without ever being there? 60,000,000 people can’t be wrong!

Stunning and Fruitful It is hard to control our drinking in the land of cheap good wine! The Grape You can find our House Hunters International Casting video, my letter to my friends, Where would you pick a B&B inFrance, our photo shoot with the lovely Sherrin Kovach Photography and 11 days until departure, all under the ‘Prep for our Move to France’ Category.

From there you can follow the monthly posts, under ‘Archives’ on the left side of our family adventure blog. Simply click on the month, and a list will appear. Our most popular posts, are; Sound of Music, a post on Austria, The Market posts are always busy, Synagogue, and lastly my favourite: Defining Time Currency.

You may start with the last entry and work towards the first, to get the sequence of events, but it isn’t necessary.

I hope you enjoy catching up on our family adventure journal.  Come along as we look for a home and a business, while we write about the different customs and enjoy the delicious food in beautiful southern France!

That’s Hamori!


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