IceBar Budapest


Daniel spotted the new Budapest Ice Bar on our daily walk along Vaci Utca, the walking strip along the Danube River, near the Piac Market by Liberty Bridge. He begged us to go inside.

Fans of Ice Hotels and Ice Bar attractions of the world, Ice Bar Budapest joins the ranks of the bars made of ice with ice sculptures in them, kept at a low temperature of around minus 7 degrees to keep them from melting.

Ice Bars are primarily made out of ice, and visitors wear warm Eskimo ponchos over their clothes to keep them warm. The glasses are blocks of ice, and the Finland vodka or Hungarian Palinka are kept at the prefect temperature for a quick shot to keep you warm inside.

They offer a variety of different mixed drinks inside the freezer section.

The nightclub atmosphere, where loud music blasts, makes the Ice Bar a very popular evening destination.

I love that we can bring the kids! They offer a cheap rate for children, and an endless cup of juice to keep them busy while you enjoy your alcoholic beverage. Star War’s Hans Solo, from the famous scene where he is frozen in Carbonite, is also there for you to see. The kids loved the guitars frozen in blocks of ice with cool blue lights shining on them. A fun novelty!

They also have a woman’s ice torso, naked with large boobs, with straws coming out of them, to take shots from. Daniel loved that we let him touch them, although he turned bright red!

We came after lunch when they had no line-ups, and although Angelina at 16 kilos didn’t last an hour, it was worth every penny. I will be making Ice Bar a destination while showing friends the city.

Prices start at 10Euros and include your first drink. Once inside the drinks get cheaper and they have midweek specials in low season too.

Kids are 1/2 price, making this the best-priced Ice Bar in the world. Others run up towards 30 Euros for the same drink, and what I have read online, Budapest has the biggest bar with the best experience!

The owner was saying how a person from Finland came and danced the night away in just a T-Shirt, saying he came to Budapest to warm up!

Las Vegas, Paris, and Hong Kong are the most popular Ice Bars in the world. Orlando Florida’s was the first permanent Bar made of ice.

Budapest too has a very ‘cool’ tourist attraction. Check it out on your visit to Budapest!

Have an ‘Ice’ Day!

That’s Hamori


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  1. It feels like now is the time to live our best life, and for us that means travelling and showing the kids the world. We should meet up, would be fun! Is Scott coming to visit you? What about all meeting in southern France?
    Eva xo

  2. Very cool! Garry & I are talking about a trip to Budapest, maybe we could all meet up.

    Love the blog & all the pics, sounds like life is treating you well & you’re making the most of it.


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