Twin Hair’s By Rosa, getting a new look for TV


We were walking by Twin Hair’s -hair dressing shop located just off the square in Capestang, when a friendly man heard us speaking English and said hello. In a French accent he asked us if we were from England.

No, I said, Canada for me and Hungary for my husband Alfonz. We chatted while he had a smoke break and back to work he went.

After that, whenever we passed, we would wave, stop, practice our French and he his English on the front step of the salon.

So when Alfonz needed a haircut, it made sense to take our business to Twin Hair’s, and he stopped in.

The owner of the salon, Hugues Rosa, has a sunny disposition and became quick friends with our new to Capestang family.

The next time we popped in on him, we were baffled, as he seemed not to recognize us. He told us a story of travelling to Montreal, Canada and seemed so nice, but did not make reference to the weeks before. Hmm? I guess we were not as memorable as we had thought, to my surprise.

That is weird, I said to Alfonz. We blamed our poor French and did not think of it again until the day came when I was ready to change my hair.

I booked a time with the nice young man, Vincent who also works at Twin Hair’s. Very patiently we muddled through our conversation with translator in hand and during gave me a trim. I asked a few question about the owner in my broken French and his fairly good English we figured out the riddle.

Hugues, our lovely new friend has a twin. There are two dark haired men with stylish swagger, a lovely sense of humor, great facial hair, and olive skin with an Italian/French look. Both very nice and equally friendly. Stephane is the one that travelled to Montreal.

Now that explains it. Hughes was not schizophrenic or suffering from short-term memory loss, he was one of two, a split embryo, an identical twin. The only way to tell them apart is to remember that Hugues has a goatee.

When you enter the colorful salon, the boys play music from what looks like an art deco knock off of a 50’s radio, blasting tunes through the salon.

Lined-up against the wall and on a display are Biolage Matrix brand products, a fabulous line a have been using. Stacks of magazines and hair books to browse while you wait. The small shop has a welcoming feel and it is always busy.

They fill their days playing a brain teaser game, as the radio vibrates in the corner, where you guess the song name and artist in the first few bars of the song, like ‘Name that Tune’, the famous TV show.

They are impressive music trivia buffs, shouting out tunes while they work. The customers play along and often I felt so relaxed I find myself singing to an old favorite or laughing at Hugues’ dance moves while he sings around the shop.

After Christmas Hugues invited us to his home. His family is gorgeous. A lively warm bunch, the boys are particularly like Hugues with his great sense of humor. The girls are beauties like their mamma, Aline. They have 7 kids in total, 3-16 years old.

Aline impressively runs her house like a tight ship. Their village house is so clean you can not tell kids live there. Honestly, North America could learn a thing or two from this lady. Whatever she is doing we need to bottle and sell it!

Hugues’ kids have pretty stylish haircuts and thankfully, he cuts Angelina and Daniel’s hair as well.

Today, a late Valentine’s gift from hubby, I got my streaks chunkier and lightened up, and I asked, ‘Hugues I trust you with my hair, do whatever you feel like.’ And he did.

Hugue gave me natural looking caramel streaks, and layered my hair into a pixie cut and shredded the ends with a razor. I felt 10 years younger and I could not stop touching my, all of a sudden, thick hair. It was the softest and healthiest since leaving Canada and my hairdresser Patti who I miss like mad!

I love my new look.

Thanks again Hugues!

Have I officially had every hair style on the planet?

We will see next time I visit Hugh at Twin Hair’s.

Twin Hair’s have two locations:

2, Rue Jean Jaures, 34310 Capestang Telephone# 04 67 94 16 96

24, Rue des Balances, 34500 Beziers Telephone# 04 67 48 34 22

The twins switch salons on Thursdays, just to confuse us.

That’s Hamori!

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  1. Hey Eva! love the story about the twins ! made me laugh.
    Love your new look ! Beautiful as always my dear !


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