Domaine De La Provenquière, Françoise Winery Tour



First you swirl, holding the bottom of your wine glass, watch the fluid stick to its sides, and then you smell the bouquet. Finally your lips touch the wine, and your eyes widen, as you taste one of life’s simple pleasures.

There is art in wine tasting. You need a good palette to detect the subtle differences of oak, fruit, sweet, tart, and a refined nose.

If your pleasure is red, white, rose, or sparkling you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for in France, known for their fine wine.

Domaine de la Provenquière in Capestang, a beautiful traditional farm house converted to a winery, located along an olive-treed road, west of Beziers, with history that goes along with their popular wine.

Jehan Provenquier, the owner in the XVth century, gave the estate its name that was put in the feminine gender according to an age-old custom.

First owned by the Marquis de Puissergier of the Caylar House, the estate went through different families according to alliances and inheritances.

Once a 14th century farm with grazing animals upon rolling hills not far from the Canal du Midi, turned to a castle when Paul Teissonnière, advisor of Napoleon III, bought the Metairie (sharecropped farm) in 1860, and transformed it. Napoleon’s Chancellor fell in love with the region, just as we have and bought the estate to convert to his own personal residence. Decorated in fine furnishings, he upgrades the basic buildings to an inhabitable home.

The Domaine de la Provenquière entered the Robert Family in 1954, with Achille and his wife. Their son Max succeeded them with his wife Anny. Their children, Brigitte and Claude, took over in 1994. With vines in the surrounding 145 hectares of land it now solely operates as a winery.

Rooms have gone decades without being touched. Historical features include a marble sink, the living room full of antique furnishings worth a fortune to any museum, a rack with dusty hats upon lay motionless from a time passed, as well as original 14th century stone windows in the cellar below. The walls hold hints of an era gone by, a remarkable preservation of a historical relic.

We had the privilege of Françoise, our new friend, to give us a guided tour. The undeniable charm of the estate paired with the sharp wit of our hostess, makes for an unforgettable experience.

Françoise takes us into the basement where large steel vats hold gallons of fermenting wine. The operation is impressive and their 9 staff members have their work cut out for them. In a cave like room, once used for storage or livestock, now houses the barrels of wine, nicely labeled, lined like soldiers waiting patiently to be consumed. Domaine De La Provenquière venture is impressive and they ship their remarkable wine all over the world.

We sampled sparkling Rose wine ‘Ros’Bulle’ a delightful, forward taste and competitively priced. Sells for fewer than 6 Euros a bottle, cheaper if you buy by the case. Personally, I love this drink, a young press, bottled off red grape after a few hours and carbonated and capped. Light and refreshing, we buy enough to last through the holidays.

Try their Rose wine ‘Cuvée P: Rosé’ a lazer-like taste, totally Alfonz’s style. We buy a 5-liter box for everyday consumption. We also buy a velvety rich Red ‘Cuvée P: Red’ for dinner tonight to go along with the lasagna.

A fruity White ‘Cuvée P: White’ and a layered White ‘ Les fruits défendus: Viognier’ completely different and goes nicely with different meats, we taste them as Françoise patiently teaches us.

Domain De La Provenquière send their quality products from Capestang to West Coast of North America and the East Coast of USA. If my North American friends are interested in trying the French wine of our region, different establishments are listed below.

That’s Hamori!


Marquis Wine Cellars – 1034 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC


PCC Natural Markets – Seattle, WA


The Corkscrew -Princeton, NJ

If you are interested in buying her wines for your restaurant or establishment, please Contact, their export consultant

Françoise Hivert

cel +33 (0)6 42 82 36 14

tele +33 (0)4 67 90 54 73

fax +33 (0)4 67 90 69 02



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