The Polygon in Beziers

outdoor shopping centre
shopping at the Polygone

What a fabulous birthday!

Sushi, shopping, singing with the choir, I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

The Polygone in Beziers is an outdoor shopping centre on the edge of the city, not 20 minutes from Capestang, France, where we live. An interesting idea, that has quite a following, and are among the must-sees in South France.

On three levels, shop entrances face into an open-air courtyard, with a Koi pond in the middle. With seating along its edge, it provides a resting place while you shop.

The top floor has a sunny deck, where the restaurants each have seating in the sun. I bet this place is packed in the summer. Lunch in mid-December, we were outside with no jackets, sun tanning as we ate our lunch. By the time we finished the place was packed full. The French are very serious about their lunch breaks.

The kids ran around the fountains and enjoyed themselves while Alfonz and I finished up the few morsels they left us.

With the giant Christmas tree reaching up towards the third floor and all the festive Christmas decorations, we got into the spirit of the holidays. The mall boasts: a theatre and a bowling alley. You can come here to see the ballet projected live on screen, as well as other events, like fashion shows and theme nights.

Our favorite store thus far, is the bookstore on the bottom floor. They have crafts times for kids throughout the day, where you drop your kids for an hour or two while you shop. They make nifty things too; we’re surprised at the quality of the children’s work.

Parking is free if you buy something in the mall. Just ask for a ticket for the parking meter while you are paying and they will hand you one. Or you can go to the customer service desk by the bathrooms, and they will issue a plastic card for free, that way you don’t get caught forgetting to ask. What a great idea!

I have been to the Polygon in Beziers twice, and each time I have indulged in Jeff de Bruges chocolates. Irresistible, we stocked up for our lovely new friends over the holidays.

Lunch is good quality, and they have a very high turnover, that keeps it fresh. The first visit with M we went for Chinese smorgasbord, where we went back so many times I dare not count. They did not make a Euro off us that day!

And on my birthday Alfonz and the kids took me out for Sushi, our family favorite. We found most of our regular items except dynamite rolls. The miso soup was very good and full of vegetables. The kids devoured their BBQ eel and then ate my portion of our rolls too! Little buggers!

I hope to take the kids to the theatre over the holidays.

France has an interesting legislated time for sales. The last 3 weeks of January and the last 3 weeks of June, merchants are allowed to put their stock on sale. For us that mean, right before we move in to our house, we can take advantage of the biggest sales of the year on our big-ticket items. Washing machine, kitchen items, maybe even renovation items.


Sounds like January will be a fun shopping month!

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That’s Hamori!

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  1. That’s right we have the same birthday don’t we. Happy Birthday Mike!
    It was a hot day in the sun, that’s for sure. I burned my nose. Viva la France!
    Bonne anniversaire pour vous!

  2. Aw shucks – whilst you were celebrating your birthday in the sun at the Polygon I was celebrating mine driving through wet snow along the A4 en route to Cornwall to visit mother.

    Glad you enjoyed your day there – it’s bloody cold damp and wet here!

    Bonne Chance

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