Eureka, We Struck Gold – Pursuing Happiness

motor arrives

Oh, have you ever woke up and knew it was going to be a really good day? Bounding out of bed with intense energy, you take on the day with such capacity, that you feel nothing can go wrong?

If happiness were a rainbow, we have reached our pot of gold!

Today was this day!

Alfonz went to the mailbox and the paperwork for his motorbike was waiting for him. He took that with the paperwork for the van and went to Beziers to get the plates. Both vehicles now have French plates and insurance in progress. He will go back Wednesday to sign on the dotted line.

Alfonz's motorbike
motor bike arrives

From start to finish it took Alfonz 5 full months to get it done in the French system. He beamed when he got home, and I was so very proud of him for doing it all in French without anyone’s help.

He celebrated and took the bike for a boot around town, came back for me and drove me up to the bakery to grab my girlfriends birthday cake. Adrian had his turn too. It felt like old times, except far hotter reaching 35 degrees today.

And it keeps getting better…

Yesterday the winds reached 50 miles per hour, (I am totally guessing) where my laundry dried in less than an hour. I kept on washing. As soon as the wash cycle was complete, I took the last load off the line to hang the next. That’s fast!  It was the perfect windy hot day for it. Now I finally understand why people don’t bother with a dryer. My pal Dannielle told me I will understand when the weather warms up and sure enough the day has come. All the sheets, the blankets, towels are all done in one very productive day. Remember no dryer required in France.

Plus we have our first and second Le Petit Platane bookings for our rental apartment. We haven’t even had it completed for 24 hours and already my dream has come true. Monday we have a couple coming from Hungary, okay they are our family but nonetheless.


This was the moment when I knew it would be ok. 

It was this day, and only when all the pieces fell into place did I feel we had arrived at our destination. That yes in fact, we could carve out a life for ourselves, make enough money to survive, not become rich beyond our wildest dreams, but start a life based around our family.

Something changed in me.

The stress lifted off my neck. I could feel happiness seep back into my weary bones, and for the rest of the day a wide smile stretched across my face, as if I had the best secret under my hat. And of course I do have a secret… I’ll share it with you…

Life can be exactly what you imagine it to be. No matter how crazy your dreams may seem, if you pursue your ideal, in every moment of each day you will become closer to it. Today just happens to be the day I actually believe in the theory I have been testing.

We lined up our life to our true passions, and everything did aline to make the dream happen. We may have had a few set backs, and some days we looked at each other and shook our heads thinking, ‘Are we still on track?’ But we kept our eye on the prize, stuck to the plan, and here we are.

I started writing my formal resignation letter to my work of over 20 years today. 

I took a one year leave of absence to see if we could find a life based on Time Currency. We took the time to find the dream life we have always desired, and now it is time to formally end that chapter of my work life in Canada. This was my last tick off my list in the process to self-discovery.

Today Alfonz and Adrian bought a few more electronic items for the rental, went to Brico Depot for the supplies to install the well pump. They created a space for the shed, which will eventually house the pool pump and supplies. Those boys have been working full steam ahead since Adrian arrived from England to help out. We are lucky to have such a good friend.

Tomorrow comes the concrete for the swimming pool and work shed pads.  The pool shape is ready for the pouring, and the house and the areas are ready for Saturday, the day Steve comes over to break through the wall towards the road to create a front door to the apartment rental.

Does life get any better than this? Unless you are pursuing your own happiness dreams, I don’t think so. Still pursuing happiness in southern France as Canadian expats.


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