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If you found yourself on a deserted Island, who would you choose to keep you company? It’s an old question we like to contemplate. Do you choose your lovely spouse whom you already work so well with and know like the back of your hand or do you choose someone famous and knowledgeable to learn from? Who could sustain your interest on those long days on the island with nothing to do?

Some choose Jesus. Devine knowledge of everything. Revealing the secrets of the universe. You’d have to learn his language.  Could take a few years just to get that down. Or maybe he already would know yours. Not to mention getting used to his powers. Dinner just appearing, walking on water, might take some of the fun out of learning to survive on that floating mound. Also he’d just part the sea and we’d walk off the Island to the mainland. The question in lost on the situation. And even if you spent years listening and learning, who would listen and learn from you. Jesus couldn’t possible learn a thing from me, and having an equal relationship with someone may be more interesting. What do you think?


But I already know my husband…hmmm. Is the island big enough for our two huge personalities?


So what about an interesting person you don’t know well, but someone so totally different that you may learn from one another. Someone good looking, of course we all have our needs, and maybe someone that could challenge you to try to get off the Island.


Einstein may be a good choice. Picking each others mind, I could catch him up to date on all the invention he doesn’t know about. My goodness, imagine teaching him about the common things we take for granted, internet, computers, cel phones, toasters, electric engines, space travel, cloning, artificial insemination. But then there’s always the question of those cold nights under the stars…. cuddling up to Albert might not be the most favorable option. But after a few years, I don’t think I’d be looking so hot either! I’ll keep him on my list.


Elvis would be fun for a while, but the one genre of music may get to me after a while, and even though the nights might be fun, he doesn’t seem the type to hold my attention, or me his. He would probably swim off the Island just to get away from me. But the few duets might be worth being alone in the end.


Leonardo Decaprio. Smart and hot, totally different from me, might be a good match. Except I don’t look like a super model. Not yet anyway. Starving on the island might change that for me, and he might on a slight chance….yah I didn’t think it would work out between us either. Sorry Leo. I’m pretend breaking up with you. Too beautiful and too smart and too young.


Just kidding I would pick Alfonz! He can chop the wood, I can forage for food, he still has loads to teach me, and I am never bored. It’s the right combo of yin and yang. I just hope the island is big enough to get away from each other when we fight, so we can make up after! I guess even on the Island that rule applies.



Oh wait! After rereading this I decided I want them all! Now that would be an interesting island to live on. Elvis could entertain, Leo and Alfonz would be buddies, and Albert and I can figure out how to get off the Island. I realize I changed the rules of the game, but I want it all!

It is my Island and my fantasy after all!


Who would you’d pick?

Name someone you could be stranded on a deserted island with!


That’s Hamori!


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One Response to Desert Island – Who would you bring?

  1. Sailor says:

    This is very interesting! I think I would still bring my very old wife for it!